About Tracey

tu58Tracey Underwood is a native of Milwaukee, WI. She attended the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point with a major in Mass Communications and Political Science, and a minor in English. She was also a 9th Grade Class Assistant. Tracey was a key asset to the  Administrative Operations within Front Office, Promotions, and Marketing for CBS Radio and did on-air voice over commercials for V98.7 and 97.1 The Ticket.  She also Produced the “Dorinda Clark Cole Radio Show” which is a nationally-syndicated radio show airing in 85 markets through Rejoice  Networks.

Tracey was called into the ministry in 1991. God spoke to her in dream as well as her leaders recognized the gifting and anointing upon her life, thus appointing her to leadership at a young age. She then went on to teach adult Sunday school and devised study curriculums for new member’s classes. Tracey founded and operated a three-phase evangelistic outreach ministry – United Ministries In Christ Inc. that held successful conferences, community events, and outreach involvement within prison facilities and nursing homes. After College, she moved her residency to Southfield, MI to continue ministerial and theological studies at Abyssinia College of the Priest Ministerial Preparatory; which culminated in consecration by Dr. Iona Locke to go out to serve evangelistically. Tracey is licensed as an Evangelist and currently serves within Ministerial Alliance under Bishop John Drew Sheard of Greater Emmanuel Church of God In Christ in Detroit, MI.

In 1994 while worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ, the anointing of the Holy Spirit moved upon her to prophesy in movement (dance).  Proving His Gifting-Power when you allow God to work in you, Evangelist Tracey had no formal training in movement art.  Phenomenally, as she operated in an area of ministry in which she had no formal training, what an  awesome experience she encountered while operating in Evangelistic Outreach Ministry. Evangelist Tracey stated, “Dance was the furthest thing from my mind and heart’s desire. God desired for me to have the gift of prophecy, and incredibly He put it within the movement/dance”.  Most, if not all, of the dance interpretation that is witnessed is under the divine unction of the Holy Spirit.

For eight years, she served as director of the Judah Warrior Dance Ministry at Abyssinia Christ Centered Ministries.  During her tenure, several entities were established: for the children – “Jubilee Praise”, the juniors – “Agape”, the men troop – “Joshua Steppers”, and the women – “Women of Worship”.  Many of the presentations included Banner Priest Bearers and Flag Ministry, Pageantry and Processionals, Drama and Interpretive Sign Language, and Sermonic Solos.

As Founder and CEO of Joppa Ministries, Evangelist Tracey teaches biblical understanding of dance and specialized training to students of all ages; from introductory through advanced levels.  Her mission, through Joppa is to demonstrate/live a life of holiness unto God.  She aim to serve the student with Holy Spirit-filled dance instruction, and to impart the spritual discipline of service of God through Sacred Movement Ministry by instructing others of how to use their bodies as instruments of praise; thus ushering the partaker into spritual realms of warfare, deliverance, worship, and edification.  Many of the teachings occur at her liturgical dance studio, churches, conferences, retreats, and various worship settings throughout the nation-crossing various denominations, and cultures.

Over the past 20 years, the Holy Spirit has revealed great mysteries to her regarding the movement ministry, and as a result she is currently writing a book – “The Dance of Revival”, liturgical dance curriculums and spiritual preparation outlines.  Her newest entity that is sweeping the nation is the Zion Fire Liturgical Movement Clinic.  Igniting the worshiper with holy passion, fire, and love: “Zion Fire” Clinic, is a one day soul stirring clinic, designed to establish a Christian Dance Network that would impart scriptural knowledge, invoke true worship demonstration, and to provide prayer for those whom Jehovah God has called to minister Christian dance worship in the Body of Jesus Christ, and that are called to EVANGELIZE through movement/dance ministry across the globe.